December 10, 2008

EU: Free ingame Item from MMOZine Magazine

I just stumbled over this thread: The MMOZine Magazine hands out a free ingame item to those that send an email in. The item is similar to the rings you got with pre-ordering the game, they just changed the name: Vanquisher's Emerald Band. The ring will be registered with every char and will show up in the mailbox once you login. While it's not interesting for high level characters, when you start a new char every bit helps to speed up the progress. To grab a code for that item click on the ad (see pic) on the frontpage from that PDF and you'll be taken to the page with the form (Acrobat will try to access the internet via the flash form). Just enter your details (with the checkboxes to the right you sign up for newsletters, maybe disable those) and you'll get a code in your mail you can register in your account profile. I just tried it and got the code/register without any trouble. This is EU only afaik. Enjoy.

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