December 30, 2008

Thulf the Sentinel

I went back into Bilerot Burrow yesterday, still hoping for my last Sentinel piece that eluded me for quite some time now. Lo and behold, finally the Sentinel Bodyplate piece droped for me! Yay! Now we have two tanks with 5/5 wards in our guild and have a third only lacking the chest as well. To celebrate the ward (and since we were able to recruit some healers recently) we started off with running two groups into Lost Vale. I took the tourist & sightseeing group (none of the guys had been deeper into LV) and we did very well. Killed all bosses up to the Butcher without much problems... we'll go back and should be fine. It's great to see we got the people now to run two groups into Lost Vale, which is (beside the annoying running) by far the most fun instance in WAR.

Since i have six Sentinel pieces now, i did some tests with the six piece set bonus: Preservation - On Being Hit: 10% chance to increase Wounds by 80 for 20 seconds. While the tooltip of the proc is wrong (says it reduces wounds) and it does not show in your combat log, the proc itself is not as good as i thought it would be. The "on being hit" does not trigger if you block or parry. The increase in wounds does not stack with the Da Toughest! and the proc also does not heal you, but only increases the max. amount of hitpoints you have. Being a tank i block & parry a lot, making the proc even less useful for me. After some testing IMO that set bonus is a joke and you're better off using another belt. Maybe if i get another Darkpromise piece I'll use the belt from that set, but as most Darkpromise pieces are rather weak compared to the Sentinel - as the single item bonuses are better for tanking - you're better off using Enervating Gutstrap (Gutstrap of Maiming) or the Black Orc Ransacker's Gird (with wounds talismans) depending on the situation. It's a pitty that a green belt is better then any blue/epic you can find. The Black Orc belts and also the Darkpromise set really should be looked at again.


Robert said...

Love the blog,

Now that you run with 5/6 sentinel I was wondering what your loadout of other gear is. Most specifically I am interested in your choice of jewelry. I am running with Strife and Torment but have not noticed any of the set bonus procs.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like some of the itemization of this game. I have green pieces the same level that have better stats on it for a chosen the a purple. it's sad really

Thulf said...

On the right navi is a link to my Realmwar page you can click to check for gear. Usually (if i was not doing RvR/soloing) it does show my tanking gear. The two with no icon are the "of the Warden" with block & parry (those are unique-equiped). I switch jewelry a lot tho, really depends on the situation. I got a full bag just with jewelry... for wounds, resistances, tanking, RvR (using the The Winds Impervious set).. really depends on the situation.
Strife & Torment should work, think it was shown in the combat log as "Mending heals you for xy" or similar. I used those for a while as well. For tanking, the rings with +block from city dungeons and bastion (still lack that one) are great.

Yeah, some of the epics are really weak and its no wonder they go dirt cheap at the AH.

Kezrak said...

Wow, thanks for linking those belts! Since block is uber in this game (no damage at all from nearly all sorts of dmg sources), I am stacking +% block, I can really make good use of them. Already bought the ennervating one in the Auction House.

I'm now at +8% block =)