December 20, 2008


Did you ever wondered what would happen if you kill the chaos giant Friderax inside the Sacellum arena during the PQ? Me too.. when it started i went in for the kill and fought the big boy. While he hits like a schoolgirl, nothing special happens. The PQ "fails" and you don't get any shiny loot from him. I was only able to claim his smelly pants for me - maybe I'll sell them on the auction house, some people like used panties. If you look at my UI screenshot and wonder what the new unit frames are i use, the addon is called Pure. The addon is still in alpha stage, so don't use it if you're not willing to deal with bugs. The configuration is very cumbersome atm as well. But for me it serves well more or less out of the box. The unit frames are similar looking to agUF if you recall those. If you use the addon, help wikki (author) with bugs and such. Looking forward to the release version, this is the best looking unit frames addon so far.

If you want to see how the epic Keg End backpack looks on an Orc, check here. The tier 1 version looks rather powerful for a rank 5 cloak. Meanwhile i got the Bottomless Stein trophy, it looks better then the trophy from the last event. You can have the mug at shoulders or belt.

I still wonder what the deal with the UpToWar (DevTracker) WHA newscrawler is. Apparently the WHA team did not work together with them yet to solve that problem. As i like to have one devtracker, i hope this gets resolved soon.

I recently stumbled over the CotCast Podcast. A bunch of folks from the guild Circle of Trust (Ostermark server) have their own round table podcast. If you like alcoholic beverages, Justin Timberlake, playing the flute and are not afraid of explicit language, this one is for you. ;) They mainly talk about WAR related topics of course. While they did not directly feature Stunty Stomper they refer to my news. So as apparently they read my website, a friendly waaagh! to the CotCast team, cool show... reminds me a bit about our own vent server at times.

On a sidenote we went back into Lost Vale yesterday night, so i might post some screenshots from there once i looked through them.

PS: Because i was asked about my "texture fix"... the manual edit of the settings only solved the blurry texture issue for me. I still see the green surfaces every now and there.

Tip of the day: Enable "monster emotes" in your chat filter for your main chat window, else you'll not only miss important infos during boss fights, but also info from gadgets around the world when you use/click them.


Castamere said...

You solo'd that guy?? Is there no end to your conquests? I continue to live vicariously through your postings. My wife and I have moved from Destro and are now playing a Sword Master/Knight duo that is fairly beefy without healing but not too much since we're going with two-handers.

I won't even aspire to do the things you're doing with your Toughest spec but I know I'll keep coming here to see your latest escapades. Have you been able to do any Red PQ's by yourself or with maybe a pocket healer with you?

ChromeX said...

enabling monster emotes will also enable the boring npc conversations?

Shannon H said...

Oh my gosh! The Stunty Stomper listened to our silliness? I am honored. Yes, your site is fantastic. Thanks for the mention!

aka Zelen of CoTCast

Thulf said...

I did not do any PQs since they implemented the "rating". The hardest ch22 PQs are not possible to solo i think. It's too many & hard hitting mobs. I soloed some lower PQ with Lord bosses tho. It's just for fun ofc as soloing these kind of things is not very effective. It's possible for me tho to solo eg. the skull PQ inside the Inevitable City, that's how i got my chest piece back then. If you need the stuff ofc its nice if you don't have to share. ;)

No, there is another filter called monster/npc say.

It was fun to listen to you folks. :)