March 31, 2009

Another Ragbag, with AoE, Keep upgrades and Bio Breaks

Hum? Another Ragbag? Yeah, I'm a bit short on time these days due to me organizing a conference for the weekend. So its just some short pointers. But i'm writing on some longer articles as well, I'll post over the next days... exciting stuff. ;)

Syp got hoarse crying waaagh! and figured its time to take a bio break. Good luck with it man, feels like the right thing to do when reading your reasons. And finally you got a clean layout again. =)

I saw i was awarded a sticky keyboard award as well, and two times. I did not have time to have a closer look tho. But thanks in advance guys. While Regis said I'm good with pigs, Girl IRL naming me an old-timer, made me feel... old. ;)

You possibly read about the Incoming 1.2.1 GTAoE Changes Adam posted. The good news is Mythic is working on this stuff, the bad news its not nearly enough yet. There are several threads discussing these changes on the forums, but if you want a nice diagram head over to breakfast at war and read hey adam, ur doin’ it wrong from pancakez

Interesting stuff upcoming with next patch.. a short preview for v1.2.1 Patch and a more detailed description of the upcoming Keep Upgrade System. Sounds like a good start, but no where near where we need it... keep going Mythic, i seriously hope you nail down the endgame better before more people get bored.

And what the freakin' hell is wrong with the EU servers? Last night we were inside Lost Vale when the Inevitable City was attacked and Order even managed to get to stage two of the capitol siege. Inside LV the lag was about two seconds when you wanted to use a skill or move stuff inside your bags. The mobs behaved irratic and were teleporting around, which made some boss fights not that much better. Around midnight then the whole server infrastructure went to hell and people (me included) got disconnected all the time up to a point we could not even start the patcher anymore. Great! :( Now whats the reason? Is it again some "internet infrastructure" problem like the last time? Or did GOAs servers could not handle the stress? They really need to do something here, it was annoying as hell and all of us were fed up yday. And why is the lag inside an instance so horrible? All other MMOs i played organized the cluster in a way that you could at least "flee" from server lag when going into an instance. Seriously feed the hamster better or spank the internet monkey harder, i don't care... but fix it. Ah yes, we found one item in two wings we could use yesterday... everything else was crap to salvage.

In a hurry, no gfx today folks...


SarGara said...

Wow their fix to AoE is to not allow it to overlap!? Thats it??


How about the fact they can AOE from where ever the hell they like and no-one can even damage them in return!

Del DaSquigga said...

OY GIT! We was havin dat problem wit LV too, whens our IC gots raided. We was in LV and gots lots o lag. Dey shud get da squgs outta da servas.... Or take da LV servas outta da IC instence ones eh?

Anonymous said...

I play on Azgal too but on the order side, so it's interesting to see the view from the other side of the fence so to speak.

We were also in LV at that time (went to IC for stage 2 because of the lag) and have been in LV several times during IC raids and yes, it lags like hell. I believe Mythic thinks City Raids are the awesomest and nobody would be in any other instance so they run them all on the same servers and leave no juice to LV at all. I do send "Constructive feedback" that it's crap every IC raid.

As a BW I've very much effected by AOE changes and I agree with pancakez, they're doing it wrong. AOE both dmg and healing is way too powerful for too little penalty in WAR. I can perma-spam Rain of Fire in a keep defense for instance and healers are one-button spammers.

AOE CC/DMG is necessary however to break up zergs. Without it it's a numbers game and the bigger rolling wave will swallow the smaller. Currently a handful of ranged AOE can punish a zerg that group up too close to each other. Turns keep fights into a borefest though.

/Zabulon, KA

SarGara said...

^^ To the above comment.

So your saying its right for a handful of BWs to break up a zerg and thats working as intended. Ok.

So with that logic how does destruction break up a zerg of BWs which certain order guilds keep running because they know they are unstoppable. The longer BWs are seen as gods the more people roll them and the problem increases. Who stops the stoppers so to speak?

Faeyf said...

Whats boring is not being able to defend your Forts because your capped at 48 and Order is capped at 150. Some people won't defend anymore as the Fort now gets rolled in 15 minutes or less. Defenders become free renown speed bumps only.

Greg said...

Hitting you with the Sticky Keyboard Award, Thulf!

Grats bud!

Thulf said...

Thanks for the feedback on the changes and city raids guys, always interesting to hear other perspectives.

Thanks. ;) Saw today its a bunch of those i got, guess i should feel obliged to post ten honest things about me now. :P