March 18, 2009

Official EU Forums - Beta Version Fails to Impress

Today the official WAR forums for the EU opened their "beta" version. To give you the bad news first: They failed to impress me. When you try to login, you have to route over the GOA flash login, which spins for 45secs and then greets you with the good old error code 414 - login failed, you can't login to the forum and post. Splendid! If this starts while only few explore the new forums yet, what will happen during prime time? Sloooow access i would guess. Browsing at least works... Hmm.. next thing you realize: The EU CMs have some new nicknames on the forums... WTH?!? I fail to see the bigger picture behind this tbh, its only confusing for people. The good news: The forums are hosted at the same company the US forums are and not many people complained about those. The forum itself (excluding the GOA login) is fast and does work well. The design is okayish but not awesome, guess its personal taste. Since i could not login to the new forums yet, i could not test the rest. Bummer GOA slipped this again and instead of creating some awe inspiring stunt its just something mediocre.

Let me know if you find anything interesting and don't forget the contest GOA is hosting to hand out some Skaven Cloaks and the unique Choppa/Slayer heads.


Drazar said...

Yeah i nerd raged when i saw i couldn't login. I really wanted to ask GOA when will the re-enlist and RAF come to EU-WAR. Oh god even this bad start with the official forums of EU-WAR should give Mythic a good thing that they need a new partnership

Btw how many gobbo masks you still got? I still hope i can get one for myself if i can return quickly enough and roleplay quest with ya! <:D

Thulf said...

Send some of the supplies to my Choppa "Stuntystomper" and I'll send you a mask back. =)

SarGara said...

What can i say... GOA love their flash! :(

Radek said...

Design is nasty, agree (as well as whole EU WAR site). It's really getting behind comparing to quality of US site.

Drazar said...


I hope i can get those supplies soon because i don't have an active account. =P You see i'm really waiting for the re-enlistment offer for EU WAR but at this rate, i guess ill get that in 2020. :(