March 2, 2009

Mount Gunbad HQ Panorama Wallpapers

When i was running around in Mount Gunbad on the PTS i figured this would make for some nice new HQ Panorama Wallpapers. Overall Feedback on my wallpapers has been great, it's not only Greg from Tome of Knowledge who likes them. ;) Mount Gunbad is a very atmospheric place, maybe I'll create more wallpapers from there.
With patch 1.2 we'll finally get a working super-screenshot, which is awesome! My raw pics from the wallpapers are around 10MB, therefore i increased the size on the wallpapers a step more. I still pray that Mythic will add a checkbox in the settings so i can set it to have a completely "clean" picture with the super-screenshot: no names, target arrows, UI, nothing. If anyone from Mythic likes my wallpapers, please poke the person that can make this happen. It would also be helpful if the screenshot numeration would just count forward (from last number in folder) and not fill empty gaps, would make it easier to sort out screenshots.

Due to popular demand, all new wallpapers only feature a small blog logo and nothing else. Enjoy!

You can download the large files containing 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 versions here (choose free user).


Victor said...

This is by far my favorite warhammer blog. Not only it looks great, but also brings useful information. Thanks for sharing man, greatings from Brazil.

Rene said...

This Warhammer site (blog) is so good. I just found it, and I love it. Keep up the good work .)

Greg said...

Those are great Thulf! Love the mushroom village look of Gunbad, so I'll be sure to grab each of these

Proximo said...

I thought I'd post just to let you know I love your blog too, but I guess u've noticed by now xD

Thulf said...

Thanks guys, feeling the love. ;)

Anonymous said...

LV wallpapers were great but these new Gunbad are even more sexy :) Thanks, downloading.

P.S.: as Victor from Brazil said, this is by far the best WAR blog. Keep up the good work!