March 15, 2009

Boiling Pot: AoE Stacking & Pick Lock

Beside the ragbag, I'm introducing a new category for hot topics about game flaws: The boiling pot.

Since the changes to resistances, which were needed, there is a lot of discussion about eg. damage from Bright Wizards, especially AoE, being over the top. There is always whining on the forums about nerf this and nerf that, but the BW AoE stacking causes some serious issues in RvR currently. The problem is a certain combination of abilities/skills in connection with the lower resistances and the game flaw that there needs to be no LOS to do this AoE, then stacking it with a few BWs. The video from the picture caused a lot of uproar on the US forum, as it shows three BWs killing around 20+ players without even being in danger. If you tried to take a keep/fortress with BWs stacking AoE in front of the door and realising that no melee can even get to the door without dying, but you can't even see the BWs stacking their AoE - there is not much you can do against it. If the RDPS could at least shoot at them you have a chance, but else its becoming very difficult. Add to that those warbands running a ton of Knights that just stand behind the door and repair it... its frustrating to say the least. Adam already acknowledged those flaws, so we can only hope Mythic works this out fast.

Another thing that should not be possible is Witch Hunters or Witch Elves using Pick Lock to enter a Keep, then abusing the still existing flaw that you can pull the Keeplord to eg. the balcony and solo killing him while all doors are up and the guards are still alive.


Lokax said...

And I was going to post about the very same topic today as well. But glad it's coming to the attention. Well at least as black orcs we have some survivability with o...... hang on.. No we don't

UberDyologzz said...

I agree, although there is one thing... I'm not sure if it's intentional, but there's a bit of misrepresentation present - Sorcs are just as equally capable of stacking multiple pits of doom in the same manner as BWs with their RoFs. An argument could be made that RoF has a larger AoE, but the point is moot considering the ramp is narrower than the AoE of both RoF and PoS.

Proximo said...

That needs to be fixed, and fast, at least before my Choppa hits 40 :P

But WE/WH solokilling the lord ??? How do they go bout soloing a 43 Hero mob ? 0o

Tanarl said...

I always thought AoE attacks in any game should have the damage shared between targets (think Ryzom works this way and PVP there was all ranged about AoE).

If a player can do 1k dmg 1v1, then if doing an AoE attack against 6 players they shouldn't still take 1k each. Otherwise that means the damage output of the spell is 6k!

All AoE in WAR has this problem and I'm looking forward to levelling my Choppa as Da'Wrecka to abuse it myself.

Finally, AoE has an important advantage over targetted attacking in laggy keep battles because it's so much easier to spam and it doesn't matter if your victims lag jump around.

Faeyf said...

No Stealther is going to take down a keep lord without tanking or healing. You would need a lot of them to do it and they would have to rotate the aggro before they died. it's an urban myth until I see it done.

If you haven't played a stealth class in WAR you don't know how squishy they are.

Thulf said...

Check eg. here for further reading:

Anonymous said...

Now I feel better I did not have hallucinations when I reported that BW/Engineers were out of control.
Good luck Mythic - I am out of here - That's game-breaking material and I am not going to endorse that kind of balance testing with my monthly fees - Not in this economy.

Faeyf said...

I checked that link Thulf and there's not a lot of proof that what someone says they can do is possible. There's also inaccuracies on abilities like Shield Wall. I understand what they are saying about stacking weapon skill but my WE doesn't have the 7 sec parry that a WH does. I also don't see how a banner can give you enough health to get through the hits of a Keep Lord. A team I can see but not solo.

Thulf said...

I don't play WE/WH, so i can't know 100% for sure if its possible and can only point towards interesting info i find. BUT i killed some hero mobs on my Black Orc where people claimed thats not possible either. ;)

SarGara said...

I watched the exact same video the other night and posted on my guild forums with something to this affect.

I always knew BWs were the warlocks of WAR but that video proved it!

Next question is why hasnt this been hot fixed asap?