March 4, 2009

Grab Da Choppa! - Wallpapers

Since the EU players are waiting for the 1.2 patch to be applied, what can you do in the meantime? Maybe clean up your desktop and apply a new wallpaper? Since so many players are eager to get their hands on the Choppa, i used the last day on the PTS and created a few Choppa wallpapers from the rank 40 templates that were provided. The wallpapers are not panorama style, but i created them with the super-screenshot feature and they still should be high enough quality to be usable. Enjoy!

You can download the large files containing 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 versions here (choose free user).


Nosmo King said...

Good God! Great shots! I might need to throw that top one on my desktop when I get home from work.

Sorry to hear your 1.2 is delayed in Europe. But as a US player I can tell you it's worth the wait. A lot of great new features.

I'm also looking forward to hearing your comments about said features when GOA decides to get on the ball and throw down some EURO love.

Proximo said...

Sweet screenies, but Thulf have a look at this:
That's right, awesome title innit ? xD
It's from the Live Event, so go get it! If ANYONE should have that title it's you Thulf, YOU!