March 26, 2009


Tome of Knowledge posted a great article about History and Lore of the Tomb Kings. Good stuff.

Mythic makes good use of their forum and tells us what they're working on with regard to the high end dungeons. In addition they're thinking about applying some of the changes they did to LV to the city dungeons. Well, from our last trip there i have to say the repairable items are useless for good equipped players (and with sucky gear you can't run these dungeons anyway). I read tho, that Mythic is re-evaluating the ward system currently and tackling ideas to seperate it from gear more. We'll see if they can come up with something useful. More gear choices would be appreciated.

Talking about the forums, does anyone else have the feeling the EU/EN ones are not used that much? Seems people rather stick to Warhammer Alliance. While at the US forum there are interesting discussions every now and then, not so much in the EU forums from what i saw so far.

If you're bothered by casting lag in WAR, there is an interesting discussion going on here. While it seems not as bad as some think, its definately an issue when the UI is not responding to the game fast enough.

Ever felt Lost Vale is too hard for you? Well, maybe do it with seven people then: LV Seven Manned. LOL

GOA confirmed that EU players will also get the Signet of the Cursed Company when pre-ordering BattleForge. I'm not going to buy a game just to collect a WAR ingame item, tho the signet is one of the coolest transform items so far.

Ever wondered what will happen during stage 2 of an Inevitable City siege? On the Eltharion server it happened and there are several pictures and some info here and here. In addition there is a nice video from the Sacellum/Arena stage 2 PQ here. Looks like some serious fun, always wondered why Mythic does not use the arena for regular fights to entertain Destruction in the capitol more. Even the pit fight inside the tavern could be an event you can trigger every now and then.


Drazar said...

Well who wants to use the EU forums when people simply hate GOA, and in WHA you can have a good discussion from people across the globe.

Its interesting to see the IC Siege, especially seeing the players face chaos giants and even a Lord of Change! :O

I read the ToK take on Tomb Kings and it was really entertaining. :)

PS. Still ranting about no RAF for us europeans! :/ grrrr

Greg said...

Thanks for the link Thulf!

Too bad I wasn't in the UK otherwise I might have actually considered getting the signet. I've got the Skaven cloak so the signet would be cool to add to it!

Eelco said...

Agree with Drazar, we (EU) have a middleman company to deal with that doesnt offer the same service as Mythic does.
(where are my recruit a friend pets?)

Anonymous said...

My reason for not useing those forums is that I simply try to visit the GOA page as seldome as possible. Like stated below: people (including me) hates GOA.


Squit said...

Hey Thulf, have you changed your guild? Why?

Raclaw said...

Thulf, me and a couple others merged with a guild we've been playing with almost since the start of the game. Since our numbers were dwindling.

Thulf said...

Yeah, we had a bunch of people leave due to job change, Darkfall, whatever... instead of having a lengthy recruiting process to fill teh gaps we merged together with Rigor Mortis whom we played together with anyway. Since you can't change guild names after a merger we decided to fight under the RM flag due to some administrative reasons. Together we run three LV groups and have enough active people to do some serious damage if we want. ;)