September 20, 2008

Winds of Chaos - Sacellum Arena

After exploring the Sacellum Arena we're ready to have a closer look at that strange portal in the back of those small floating islands. Did you reach it yet? Beside one or two things to discover on the way up there (have a closer look around, you might find people hanging around there) the portal itself is a magnificent sight. Using the portal will let you be a tiny snowflake in the Winds of Chaos. Where those winds will blow you? That's hard to say... every time you step through that portal you'll gain a short glimpse to another scene. Being a giant between tiny houses, an empty beach somewhere, flying ships... i could go on and describe it more, but i decided I'll spare you the words and let a few pictures speak for themselves. Be careful tho, who knows what happens if you follow the Winds of Chaos all too often? You might end up on the moon and never get back... use at one's own peril.

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