September 27, 2008

Inevitable City - City Rank 2

Finally the Inevitable City on our server went up to rank 2 two days ago. What exactly happened and if it was "locked" before, no one knows yet as there was no official statement from Mythic/GOA. What happened inside the city with the new rank? Well, not so much in general to be honest. I only found one new quest so far. In addition i realized some strange behaviour around the place with the Nurgle effigy - sometimes it changes to a Khorne effigy and the surrounding mobs change as well. Has this been there before? If so i must have missed it. If not, what's the point?

The major change with city rank 2 is the access to the guild tavern (Viper Pit) should your guild have the correct rank. While the Destruction tavern is IMO rather disappointing - boring interior, not much going on - there are a bunch of renown vendors in there. Great to not have to travel to all those keeps anymore just to have a quick look if something useful opened up. Even more interesting is the Quartermaster in there, as she also sells some basic apothecary ingredients. Some with (to me) new possibilities like snare bombs. Two things to note tho: a) The apothecary vials she sells are bugged (you can't add main ingredients) and b) She does not sell any talisman things.

One more cool thing you can buy from her are Guild Recall Scrolls, while they don't stack and are BoP they are dirt cheap and will (if used) teleport you back to the Viper Pit. Awesome! I'm not really sure tho, if it's intended we can buy them already, as later there is a guild rank (17) that promises "faster transit to The Viper Pit". If the teleport scrolls can be bought once you have access to the guild vendor, what will the later rank offer you? I can't imagine it's connected to the flight master inside the tavern as running to a warcamp flight master is of course far more annoying then just using a scroll. We'll see if it stays like this... too bad my bank is crowded with crafting stuff, else i would stash some.

The Bloodwrought Enclave opened up as well. While i see the first people that did hit rank 40 (first one i ran into was Flea from Eva Vix) already, I doubt there are enough already to move into BE yet. Beside the Viper Pit not much else happened as you can see.. or did i miss anything, any new you want to share about the capitol? GOA also posted a FAQ about Warhammer City Rank Advancement. A good read and more useful info in that news post as well.

One a sidenote, i finally activated AA/AF via my graphic card drivers and WAR looks much better now, without all those jagged edges. My performance stayed about the same, so no big deal for me. Should you need a pointer how to do that yourself, check here.

And finally, on monday we'll also get the queues bypass system like the US. About time they fixed that. Annoying enough you have to queue when switching chars. maybe thats gone then as well. Server cloning helped some on our server as well to tone down the queues.


Jeff said...

The scrolls arent purchaseable until guild rank 17 (I assume). You can't buy them right now.

I'm just glad that entry bug was fixed - it was only letting the guildmaster, and normal members in for us, and telling officers that they weren't in a guild.

Thulf said...

That's why i posted about the scrolls, because i CAN buy them right now. Using them since the VP opened up...

Yeah, heard about that bug, annoying i can imagine.

Hogg said...

Whilst the scrolls are listed on the vendor in our Viper Pit (Karak Hirn), you can't buy them yet.

Thulf said...

Very interesting... seems to be bugged then, I'll ask around if other guilds on my server can buy them as well. Our guild is close to 15, so not rank 17 yet.