September 25, 2008

Warhammer Comics

I always enjoyed those funny comic strips you can find for free on the internet, there are loads of them. But even better, when they are about your favorite MMO. There are a lot of "children scribbles" (excuse my french) out in several blogs, very few hit the nail despite being not illustrated very well. Beside the ones at The Greenskin and also Warhammerchen (unfortunately not updated since long), which i enjoy, i just found two new ones that are awesome...

One is Warhammer-Heads at comicstripclub. While they have a regular other strip (Electronic Tigers), we'll get a warhammer related strip every week there. This one is about a Dwarf who wants to play Destruction because he hates Elves. I laughed.

The other one is Tome of Knowledge. Greg will post comic strips (hopefully) regularly and they look great. Be sure to check the "A Lesser of Two Evils" one where mobs from Warhammer Online visit Lord Illidan from WoW. priceless.


Mitsubachi said...

You might enjoy Brasse's comic as well.
She's currently playing WAR mostly on destruction side so most of comics center around that. I always get a good laugh :)

Love your blog by the way.

Thulf said...

Thanks for mentioning it, think i saw it way back but the stunty in the header turned me off. ;) Some of the Destruction strips are really funny tho.

Anonymous said...

Some really talented people out there.

I couldn't draw two stick people humping.