September 8, 2008

1226 Greenskins ready to storm GOA headquarters. But it looks like their new "queue system" (which looks like a very rough-and-ready solution to me) is working. After a few error 1226 codes i finally got a pop-up telling me my key is activated. Let's hope the queue does not take to long to process, as the patcher does not recognize my account yet. The new activation system does only work when you have a valid account at war-europe yet. Should you need to create a new one or validate one you made yesterday, it will take a little longer.

GOA Betakey Validation
Should the page not load in your browser, you'll need to empty the browser cache.
And NO, for this solution you do not have to login in before.

EDIT: There is now an official FAQ for the beta key validation system.

Well, well, looks like their "asynchronous system" (i call it rough-and-ready) is working hard on the sync part. 3:30 hours since the system ate my beta key and so far nada, zilch, zero email or access. More then 34 hours since the beta was supposed to start and people still can't get in... the atmosphere in many EU forums slowly does start to get "heated" again.

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