September 13, 2008

Rittenbach's Portable Camp

All preorders will get two special items, one of them being the Rittenbach's Portable Camp. Looks like it's on a one hour cooldown and will place a campfire that gives your party a 5min buff to regain health. Could be helpful in the right circumstances, i wonder if buffs from different people will stack.

GOA posted now a schedule for the upcoming headstart. Shall we start to take bets if things will roll out smoothly this time? I think if it was GOA developing the game players would have a lot less faith in WAR at the moment. One thing that seems to be on the minds of many guilds these day are server caps, we all hope it won't pose a problem to play with all guildies. Let's hope Mythic has a smart approach per server to them and not counts in all other "empty" servers.

BTW, did you ever wonder how the offices at Mythic look like and if Paul Barnett's work environment is to blame for him behaving like he escaped Arkham Asylum? Then this MMO report is for you.

EDIT: Because this gets asked often, your pre-order items will be in your mailbox once activated.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the portable camp, is that available to any char you have ?

Thulf said...

Yes, all your chars will get it in their mailbox.