September 17, 2008

Toe-to-Toe: Open Party System

After playing a few days i have to say, I'm having a blast! There are so many things to see, fight and explore... its fun. One thing that bugs me is, that many many players have not figured out the whole open party system for group play in Warhammer Online yet. It's rather simple: When you create a group, it's an open party by default. If you don't want other people to join your group, go to party options and untick the "open party" option. Then it's not necessary to be rude and just kick people that try to join your party.

What does open party mean? Anyone can just join your party. How to find open parties? All of you might have noticed the pop-up you get when you enter a new zone, showing open parties. But you can search/enter them at all times. Use the small icon below you character pic to open a window that shows all available open groups & warbands in your area. You get some info about what they are doing and how far away they are.

Tips of the Day:
# All party members can invite someone to the group. If the person sending the invite is not the party leader you'll refer him to the leader and he'll get a pop-up to accept the person into the party. Really useful so you don't have to spell out strange names over and over.
# If you grind PQs not only for influence, but also for loot bags, once in a PQ area sort open parties after distance and join a group. Your overall contribution should be higher in a party.

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Alex said...

#3 - there's also a system that allows you to merge parties!
#4 - you can convert your party to a warband (to allow up to 24ish people in it) by right clicking on the party and selecting 'form warband'
#5 - alot of people won't know about the open party system and will seem a bit surprised when they're playing with a friend and you pop in out of the blue. Expect it to happen and remember to be polite :)