November 20, 2008

Heavy Metal Firefox

I had no real expectations for the new live event Heavy Metal, figured the rewards would be rather pointless again. To my surprise the rank 35 cloak you can gain from the advanced influence is very nice for tanks. While atm using the initiative cloak from the renown vendor i already have the crit reduction, but the rest is a bonus and the on-use ability could prove useful in some boss fights... beside looking cool. Therefore I'd suggest you participate at the daily tasks (apparently they don't change at midnight but rather around noon). It looks like you'll still be able to finish the influence bar when you miss out on some, but no one can tell that for sure yet. A player named Xaxas posted screenshots from the test server, where apparently you could already see all the tasks awaiting you (1,2) and the info has been compiled into this thread at WHA. The new cloak will go nicely with my new boots, as i got Sentinel Feetsplate in Bloodwrought Enclave yesterday. Bummer i can't dye the secondary color... joy!

To bring more clarity to the players concerning zone control and captitol raids Mythic/GOA posted a write-up on their homepage. Better go to the US site and read it over there, as GOA only pasted it but did not fix the errors in the text yet. The changes to the campaign don't seem that dramatic... on Karak-Azgal we had a lot of RvR going on but no zone has been locked yet. There is a macro you can use to get control point values:
/script EA_ChatWindow.Print(towstring(GetCampaignZoneData([GameData.Player.realm]), SystemData.ChatLogFilters.CHANNEL_9)

Since the Realm War pages went online in EU as well (go and fix them bugs already GOA!) i thought it should be useful to add it to my search engine list in Firefox (like you can do with WarDB), so i can look up that guy who is talking in chat channel right now. If you want to add it yourself as well, follow these instructions. If you mess it up, don't blame it on me. I use the Web Search Pro plugin, could be that the config file looks a bit different for you - I'm too lazy to deinstall it and see how it looks then. ;)

How to add EU Realm War character search for your server to Firefox:
Beforehand you'll need to find out your server ID. Head over to the EU Realm War and select character search, type in your character name, select your server from the dropdown menu and search. Then hover over (or open in new window) the column headers (see pic). Inside that string you should see a part like server=12 - that number is your server ID. Now:

1. Go to the address about:config (type it where you would normally enter a website address)
2. In the "Filter" box, type: mmsearch
3. Double click on extensions.mmsearch.mmsearch-freesearchengines to edit the value.
4. move to the end and paste in (change server ID and name [bold parts])
f_ewarf_vWarhammer Online KA charf_v

Now press OK to save and restart Firefox. enjoy.

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