November 8, 2008

How exactly to take the enemy capitol - like the guys on Volkmar server did

Looks like Order on the Volkmar server did take a field trip to the Inevitable City (1,2) and were grinding the PQs there. They did not kill the Sub-Bosses and could not advance to the King tho. Since we got some trouble with advancing the campaign on Karak-Azgal and had some clarifications from MagnusK, the latest Grab Bag explains more in detail how locking zones work. Basicly even when you took over all BOs and Keeps in one zone you still need to queue for the attached Scenario (and win it) or do quests in that zone to completely lock it down.

About the current timers involved for city capture:

#Once the zone right before the fortress gets taken, you have 1 hour to take the fortress.
#After the first fortress is captured you have 36 hours to take a second one.
#Once the 2nd fortress falls you then have 6 hours to do all the PQ stuff vs your opposition and lock down the city.

Phase 1: Both sides doing PQs fighting for victory points (VP).
If VP are won by the attackers:
Phase 2: Defenders pushed out, Second set of PQs switched on. Defenders inside can stay, but cannot zone in from outside. You then have 2 hours to complete the 2 tough PQs.
Phase 3: If you lock down the city due to finishing the last two PQs, you'll gain access to the King Instance encounter.

If the PQs are not completed
Phase 3: Martial Law, 2 hours of rampaging the city
After 2 hours: 15 minute rebuilding Phase, defender can zone in but attacker cannot. The ones inside can stay. At the end everything resets.

People already complain that it's not really possible to have a real break due to the timers. Once you approach the final steps you'll need to stick to it or you'll lose all progress. If you don't have enough peeps to get involved for around 10 hours, it might be difficult. The times listed by the player from Volkmar differ a bit from what some Mythic people posted, but maybe it was changed recently. Would be nice to get an offcial list from Mythic about the timers involved.

From what players tell, they got eight gold bags per PQ inside the main city. So it's possible to win some pieces of the Invader set (boots drop from rr50+ players) during them.


Jayedub said...

Hmmm, I almost get the sense that Mythic hasn't completely thought out the city siege end game thoroughly.

I really want to get to 40 and try the end game stuff myself, but at the moment it doesn't sound all that fun, yet.

Ketamine said...

Nice post, I am only level 23 and refuse to read forums about WAR because of all the bitching so I don't know what is going on alot of times.

As a side note, I always thought to myself, what a weird looking blog when I come here. Turns out my work filter blocks all of your images, makes things look really wonky!

Thulf said...

...and there i always get compliments about my nice looking blog. ;) Good you found out about it now.