November 8, 2008

European public test server - Status: Unconfirmed

Not only do the EU WAR customers still wait for server status and Realm War pages, which were promised since a looong time, but MagnusK now posts that European public test server status is unconfirmed. Good Go GOA! :( Feedback from GOA CSR is mediocre at best as well, takes forever to get a response and usually its not very helpful. With the not satisfying service it's no surprise you can hear voices that doubt that our EU bug reports make it into the Mythic system anyway. Until today GOA's service is still a fail and if WAR wouldn't be developed by Mythic, i think many more players would have quit by now.

Tip of the Day:

Did you know it's possible to dye all cloaks at the moment? Just unequip all other gear and choose to apply the color theme to all items, this will also dye your cloak even if it would deny this else. With the guild emblem on cloaks still bugged this saves you from staring at those ugly white cloaks. ;)


Winged Nazgul said...

There's a great mod you can use until they fix that annoying guild heraldry bug:

Thulf said...

Let's hope it will get fixed together with the bug that cloak/helmet hide option only shows for you and not for other players.