April 9, 2009

Ragbag & Easter Eggs

No, I'm not already searching for Easter Eggs just yet... only have been rather busy IRL and quite frankly did not miss playing WAR that much. That's why there were not that many posts during the last days. No worries, this blog won't close, I'll keep on playing WAR at least until the Land of the Dead is released (if that's not delivering I might rethink) but so far I'm still into WAR and think its a good game.

Starting to get a little dampen by the feedback from Mythic and GOA tho. Looks like Mythic focuses on their own little US forum and not much else. I wrote about my zero-response from eg. Andy before. The first king capture/kill (EU) took a few days to make it into the herald news. You start to wonder what's going on over the pond. GOA seems busy as well: Two weeks ago i inquired about how exactly the communication between GOA & Mythic would happen and what role the WARforge - Idea Exchange would play. Also the US already uses their "Oracle program", while the "EU Veteran program" is MIA. Since i got no answer to my questions so far, i have to assume GOA does not know the answer yet. Regis "The Box" was spot on if you ask me - so far the communication seems to be more window-dressing then real, at least it looks like this for many EU players. If the two companies that run the game bother so little, why should i? Let's hope they work on fixing stuff... shall we talk about the Realm War Pages again? Better not.

Talking about the first king capture on K8P. Nice! Although from the dev response you can see the encounter was bugged and the CC should not happen on him. GOA posted some screenshots here from the encounter. At WHA (1,2) you find more screenshots from Emperor Karl Franz and the loot. In total the whole raid took around 14 hours (wtf?). There is also a video with a funny song from that night: Destruction in Altdorf, they PVE all night long. LOL

Did you read about the upcoming token system for RvR gear? Wizards & Wenches sums it up nicely and you can read the original dev post here.

If i feel like it, I'll jump on the PTS and check some stuff out... but the weather turned around nicely for spring activities outside.


Yitu said...

Whish you a good time. Try NOT not hang the whole day on your PC ;)

Could you please check on the PTS how much cost to upgrade a keep (per hous) :)

Thank you!


Meidael said...

I feel you..
I already gave up with the game. I still have few month of paid time left but can't be bothered to log in anymore. One of the strongest reasons were the feel of being 2nd class citizen here in EU servers. The shere lack of any GOA comments on their own forums and even more so the lack of Mythics interest on this side of the pond. Wasn't the only reason for leaving the game but might be the one that pushed me over the limit.

I still subscribe to the GOA feed and few of the best WH blogs (this and the "blame the healer"). I really would like to see the game succeed. It just isn't there yet. As long as spell casters can shoot you from out of sight and the end game is this dull I just can't enjoy it. I'll be checking back to the game after 6 months. I really hope it will be ready then! I loved the game when it came out. I still love warhammer universe. I hope that Mythic will wake up soon and see that there are people here too :-(

WeRT said...

Do you realize Paul Barnett stop smiling on video's ? :D

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll get some bonus tokens for the things you did in RvR before. After all the tome counted the number of captured keeps and killed enemies etc.

Dunehunter said...

Word on the communication thing. They keep saying that the devs listen to us - yet they never post on the EU forums. And the IRC chat?
Player: We have an issue with x.
Dev: It is something that is being evaluated along with the rest of the game.

Lots of words without saying anything...I like WAR but I hate the second-class feeling. I mean, why can't we get the freaking patch preview notes at the same time as the US players, for the English people atleast? There were a couple of days between the US and EU herald release of the 1.2.1 stuff.

Anonymous said...

theres also a movie on the kill king on http://www.xxigrams.net. Not that much of a fight but but.

Anonymous said...

First off:
Grats on a World First King Kill from across the pond. You guys are an inspiration for the whole destro across the Waarhammer Universe.

Now to the King fight. Can you please ship some of that order to our server? The biggest flaw with King fights it is not the fact that he can be CCed. But this is. If the opposite faction does not que for scenarios, you will never be able to progress to Stage II, hence no King for you. It's been tried and it works wonderfully for both sides. Still awaiting response on that part from Mythic.

SInce i am not on that side of the pond, i do feel your guys pain regarding updates and patch notes. That needs to be dealt with before moving to latin america.

Anonymous said...

Thulf where ya been brotha man?