August 5, 2009

European WAR Veteran Program

Recently, when Nic (GOA) came back from his holidays, i got some more informations about the EU veteran program for WAR, which is supposed to be the mirror version of the US WAR oracle program. The program is on an invite-only basis and is supposed to enhance the QA process to test new content/patches with players, also organizing eg. raids and other events on a closed test server if need be. From what they told me the EU program currently has 100 members, which are divided into smaller groups for the different languages. Nic told me the US devs were very pleased/interested in the detailed feedback they got from the EU testers and that the EU program is not something to just keep people "busy" but to do some serious testing, closely connected to the core tester program. Although GOA wants to increase the amount of feedback even further and are looking into recruiting more players into the program for the upcoming patches. I assume good feedback on the EU forum and via the PTS will get you on the watch list. There has been a "closed" test server group before, but due to NDA issues GOA canceled it back then and send us all an email telling us they'd contact us again if they can sort things out. Maybe they also draw from that list, dunno what kind of people were on it back then. There is a special NDA in place for the veteran testing when the server is up (its not always online afaik). Probably the same GOA posted for the last PTS patch version by accident (still no official word on that beta agreement). Since my follow-up questions have not been answered by GOA yet, i can't tell you if there is a special forum part for the veterans, but since its like that for the US version i just assume it will be similar. Nice to hear that GOA finally came around with the European WAR Veteran Program, although i wonder why there is no proper info given on it via eg. the EU forum. I figured some of you might be interested in the info on the program.

On a sidenote, i played Aion beta on the weekend again and will most likely post some more about it over the next days. Have to sort some stuff out first. Stay tuned.


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